About Us

Shaver-Hill Farm building

Alvin and Alice Shaver purchased the farm as newlyweds in 1912, where they operated a dairy farm with a small maple syrup operation on the side. Their son, Gaylord Shaver, bought the farm from his parents in 1957.

Dennis Hill came to work for Gaylord Shaver in 1959 for a summer job. Dennis married Barbara Morse in 1961. In 1984, Dennis and Barbara purchased the farm and created the name Shaver-Hill Farm.

Dennis and Barbara had two sons, Dwayne and David. Dwayne married Marylee Brandow in 1990 and David married Gloria Wilber Ruland in 2000. Dwayne and Marylee have two children Deidra and Damian and Gloria has a daughter Ariel Wilber.

In March of 2004, we sold our dairy operation and transitioned into a full-time maple syrup operation. Dennis, Dwayne and David formed a three-way partnership and have picked up a maple equipment dealership through Leader Evaporator. We currently work on the farm every day making product and packing orders.

As a family, we strive to produce the highest quality maple products and provide you with fast and efficient service.